Team USA’s Pinsanity on Facebook, iOS & Android

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Collect and trade hundreds of dazzling Team USA virtual Olympic pins, connecting with friends and supporting US Olympic athletes as they go for the gold! Launched on Facebook 100 days before the start of the 2014 Winter Olympic games in Sochi, Russia, the Team USA Virtual Olympic Pin Trading game allows you to experience Olympic pin collecting and trading from your very own home.

Get beautifully animated virtual pins for all of US Olympic teams, receive bonuses for completing collections, and connect with the athletes of Team USA like never before.

Check out a Video!

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Senior Game Designer/Producer

• Designed all aspects of Team USA’s Pinsanity, on behalf of the U.S. Olympic Team, for Facebook, iOS and Android.
• Proposed each feature to senior management and clients for approval both as high-level presentations and detailed, visually-oriented design documents.
• Oversaw implementation of designs by development team, ensuring that the final products adhere to over-all creative vision and goals of the US Olympic Committee.
• Prioritize development of features for incremental release in conjunction with Olympic Games calendar.
• Troubleshoot development issues including redesigning features in response to newly discovered limitations.
• Singularly responsible for integration of assets and management of daily content releases using proprietary tools.
• Coordinate weekly sweepstakes for tangible Team USA prizes.
• Review analytic data in order to improve player engagement and devise new features.
• Maintain best practices for future development schedules.
• Organize brainstorming sessions to develop game features and content.
• Work with Development team to produce proprietary tools for content and asset management.